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Womeness Community hosts two large events yearly; Motivation Through Movement and a yearly retreat, as well as monthly outings dubbed Womeness in the Wilderness. The rest of the year is dedicated to listening to our community’s needs and providing a platform for women to launch their ideas, visions, and businesses off of.

Motivation Through Movement

We’re changing the game. At Womeness Community, we’re breaking the mold of the traditional static networking event by creating a dynamic, engaging, and active environment for attendees by challenging their mental and physical capacity in a supportive group setting.

This full day, educational and networking opportunity allows women in the community to learn new skills, develop and deepen connections, and walk away with confidence and motivation towards their life creations. It’s one thing to be inspired in the moment by someone sharing their story or tips for living our best, high-quality life. But when we are able to put a message into action through movement in a group setting, not only are we initiating positive change and growth, but we are more likely to retain the information we’ve received and implement it in our day-to-day lives.

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Previous courses and events include:

Inclusion in Action

28 days dedicated to education, awareness, and taking action towards creating inclusive communities.

Strength In Being

A 6 week course dedicated to habit building, goal setting, and personal development.

Move, Connect, Reflect

An 8 week virtual series focused on self-development and communal interaction through movement, mindfulness, and community engagement.

21 Days of Mindfulness

A 3 week series focused on habit building and mindfulness through meditation, journaling, and habit tracking

As well as pop-up movement classes, guided meditations, book clubs, and other events that support women-owned businesses and ideas.

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