Community Virtual Retreat

“Finding Strength In Being” – Living a life of purpose to empower our future

This half day, virtual, educational, and networking opportunity will allow women in the community to explore and enhance their mental and physical capacity. It’s one thing to be inspired in the moment by someone sharing their story or tips for living our best, high-quality life. But when we can implement those messages into action through movement of our bodies and our thoughts in a group setting, not only are we initiating positive change and growth, but we are more likely to implement sustainable change that empowers our day to day lives.

Our speakers

Lauren Lee

Inner Rebel

Lauren is the founder of Inner Rebel Co., a company that helps individuals rebelliously trust and accept themselves through meditation. Her guided meditations echo her tenacity and a big heart. She is a certified 200RYT Gentle Therapeutics yoga teacher, holds a certificate in meditation from BSU, Chopra Center meditation teacher trainee, host of Inner Guidance Daily podcast, TEDxBoise 2021 performer, and leads virtual guided meditations for corporations.
Guided Meditation: Find Your Inner-Guidance

Meditation Description: There’s a voice within you that is as still as the mountains and fluid as the wind. In the midst of chaos around us, it remains unphased. Experience a guided meditation to help you find your inner-guidance, embrace a moment of slowing down, and honor being. No meditation experience required.

Jenn williams

Jenn Williams Co.

Jenn is a local Health & Fitness Coach who strives to support women on their wellness journey. From fitness to food and natural health solutions, she will help you achieve a lifestyle you LOVE living, every single day!

Her motto, “slow is smooth, smooth is fast” is behind everything she does because it serves as a reminder to slow down, be present, and trust that everything you desire will come, as long as you trust the process.

Topic: Elevating with Essential Oils

Movement Class: Mind to Muscle

Description: Jenn will help you deepen the connection to your body as well as your mind. We will explore how essential oils can positively affect your mood, encourage elevated states and support your transition to a more connected lifestyle! We will also discuss ways to develop mindful muscle awareness, while moving through a lower body workout together.

Mckenzie Joyner

Sprouting Vitality

McKenzie is showcasing her top food picks that nourish your body and empower your mind. It’s essential to not only feed our bodies but also fuel our minds with the proper nutrition to keep us firing on all cylinders. Her goal is to educate you on the reasons to consume these foods, how to cook them & hopefully have you craving them by the end.

Topic: Food For Thought – Nutrition To Empower Your Mind

Description: COMING SOON!

Andrea Ruelas – Keynote speaker


Andrea Ruelas left law to pursue her passion for helping others become their best selves, whether she’s teaching group classes in her signature and singular style, or training prospective and existing instructors in her roles with CycleBar or Lagree Fitness. Both within and outside of the fitness space, she is committed to creating and cultivating communities that celebrate diversity and difference, and encouraging everyone to find and free their authentic voice.

Topic: The Boldness of Being – How we default to doing, struggle with stillness, and the boldness of being

Description: We are all easily distracted by the daily hustle and bustle, and most of us respond by defaulting to doing, glorifying being busy, and allowing our sense of worth and value to be based on how much we check off our list. We struggle with sitting with our stillness, We can start to shift away from our default of doing by finding the boldness of being: which requires struggling with sitting and staying in stillness.

Genevieve Nutting

Womeness Community Founder

Genevieve is a fitness coach, writer, educator, podcaster, and someone who seeks to make the world a better place.

She believes each individual influences the empowerment they seek to find. That women are better able to expand the perimeters of each other’s potential when we see one another as equal sources of empowerment and guidance. This ethos is the foundation of Womeness Community.

Topic: Strength In Being – Aiding Habit Building and Strengthen Mindfulness

Description: We don’t stumble upon growth or change. Rather, we must be intentional and deliberate in our actions for whatever it is we aspire to be or do with our lives. Strength In Being is designed to get down to the root of growth and change-our mindset. But it’s not just about being hopeful and having a positive mindset that get us where we aspire to be. It’s about creating habits that support our growth and the lifestyle we dream of living. Genevieve will guide break out sessions directed towards goal setting, routine, and setting your intentions. You’ll leave with the tools needed to cultivate positive habits, focus on growth, and practice finding strength in the present moment.


Jana Weis

28th Street Barre

Jana Weis is the owner of 28th Street Barre based in Boise Idaho. Her vision was to design a warm, functional, eclectic space,

creating an exceptional ambiance for music and movement. Her studio serves the north end neighborhood but also draws clients

from cities around the Boise area. Jana is a certified mat Pilates & Barre Instructor through Balance Body, BASI Fit, and Booty Barre. 28th is one of the few Booty Barre studios as most of our instructors have training under creator Tracey Mallett. She’s one of two certified MELT instructors, in Boise, trained under Sue Hitzmann out of NYC.

Movement Class: Pilates

Description: Pilates is rhythmic sequencing for all levels of fitness. This class will focus on the development of core strength, flexibility, and coordination. Jana is passionate about teaching and making clients feel successful in their practices and most importantly, loving their God given bodies.

We’re changing the game.

 At Womeness Community, we’re breaking the mold of the traditional static networking event by creating a dynamic, interactive and active environment for attendees. We recognize when a shift in our day to day norm takes place, we must adapt and modify to create a positive, empowering space for our community to thrive.