Meet the team

The Womeness team’s mission is simple – to make a difference in this world.

Genevieve Nutting

Founder of Womeness Community & Powerful Minds Project

Genevieve is the founder of Womeness Community and Powerful Minds Project, a fitness coach, meditation guide, writer, educator, podcaster, and believer in the power of women working together.

With over a decade of experience in conducting and facilitating workshops for girls and women, she believes each individual holds the power to influence the empowerment they seek to find. That shedding light on our fears helps illuminate our gifts and opportunities by taking away the power from what is hindering us. And that women are better able to expand the perimeters of each other’s potential when we see one another as equal sources of empowerment and guidance. This ethos is the foundation of Womeness Community.

When she’s not working on all things related to women empowerment and personal development, Genevieve can be found coaching inspo and sweat driven fun from her bike, anything outdoors with her golden retrievers and husband, venturing rocky endeavors on her gravel bike, and traveling anywhere that has good food and great views.

Motto: Make moves or make excuses.

Eren Barker

Program Developer


Eren is a city girl from the Mid-West that is excited to share her energy and vivacity with Womeness Community! She is a passionate, creative, driven fitness and healthcare professional committed to empowering others to improve their health and well-being. Her background as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Licensed Athletic Trainer inspired her to use movement as a means to connect, grow, evolve, and impact change. She has years of experience designing, developing, and deploying wellness programs and resources as well as coaching individuals and teams on how to meet well-being goals. 

Eren has a masters in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology from the University of Florida and a Bachelors in Athletic Training from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. After moving to Boise and marrying a die-hard Boise State fan, it’s safe to say, this girl bleeds Orange and Blue. Her extra curricular activities include spending time with her son and husband, partying on a spin bike, listening to music and podcasts, and anything that gets her in the water. 


Motto: Live life by your design, not someone else’s. 

Amber Reiner

Powerful Minds Project Program Creator and Facilitator

Amber is one of the curriculum creators and facilitators for Powerful Minds Project. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with extensive experience working with kids of all ages on creating behavior change and mindful habits. Amber also received her master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of North Texas.

In August 2019, Amber gave birth to her stillborn son and that experience forever changed how she shows up for herself & life. Her focus shifted to loving herself and creating balance from within. Helping others do the same allowed Amber to help herself. She became a Holistic Wellness Coach and her healing journey eventually led her to the Womeness Community. Her first experience was the Motivation through Movement Conference where she was further inspired to connect with the community. She was terrified but approached Gennevieve and shared that she’d love to be a part of the Powerful Minds Project.

Amber’s life motto is “live a life full of adventure” and she strives to do this in all areas of her life. She loves to hike, read, dance, travel, cook, hang out with her Shiba Inu Nikko and friends & family.

Motto: Live a life full of adventure.

Katie Wallace

Empowerment Programs and Communications


Katie is a local photographer, website tinkerer and marketing student (of YouTube University).

After losing her job due to the pandemic, Katie decided it was time to venture out on her own. She built her business from the ground up, taught herself the ins and outs of being a solopreneur and has LOVED every minute of it.

She grew up in small town California and studied Recreation Administration at  Chico State. She has a vagabond spirit and has changed her path in life on more than one occasion…like, way more. More than anything, Katie loves camping with her husband and pup, taking baths with a good read and traveling to new destinations.

Through this period of change Katie has had the opportunity to connect with some amazing women who show up for themselves and show up for each other. These new connections led her to find a similar community in Boise…Womeness!! She is beyond excited to be a part of such a special group and can’t wait to see what the future holds.


Motto: It’s far better to follow your own path imperfectly than to follow another’s perfectly. – Bhagavad Gita


Rachel Marturello

Communications and Event Planning
Rachel is a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and owner of Earned Not Given Nutrition where they believe in creating sustainability in all aspects, while supporting a goal oriented lifestyle. Born and raised in Boise, Idaho – she finds no matter how often she tries to leave this place, she’s always drawn back in. Rachel fell in love with Womeness after attending Motivation Through Movement and seeing the light in every person’s eyes. She feels this community is different and intends to help grow this into something bigger.
Rachel hopes to continue to grow Earned Not Given and support women in their journey to health no matter where they are starting from. She has been published regarding her goal oriented approach to coaching. When Rachel’s not helping women love their bodies you can find her powerlifting, doing functional training, being outside, or spending time with her family (including 2 furry children).

Motto: Progress Over Perfection

Kayla Ivey


 Kayla is a marketing guru, content creator, and lover of all things health & wellbeing. Kayla has always had a passion for self-improvement and wellness, and found Womeness Community through this journey. From the moment she met the Womeness team she felt right at home, and wants to help other women feel this sense of connectedness, support, and empowerment that comes from women coming together.

 Kayla works in marketing both in her career and for Womeness Community, and loves creating content that inspires women. She is passionate about helping women find their voice, develop confidence, and create lives they love.

Things that make her heart happy are going for walks with her pup Charlie, sharing food and adventures with her boyfriend Kyle, and reading a great book with coffee in hand.


Motto: The world needs that special gift that only you have.

Jasmine Mirajkar

Public Relations Coordinator / Content Creator

 Jasmine is a content creator, activist, and passionate individual who puts her whole self into whatever she’s up to. Inspired by street style, good people, and the arts + culture section of any newspaper, her mission is to empower women around her through community, conversation, and action. Her life consists of collecting masterpieces from around the world, learning about different cultures and customs, and more importantly, striving to make everything around her beautiful. Jasmine loves traveling, cooking, reading, snowboarding, self-care, interior design, gardening, and trying new things. Whenever she has the chance to step onto an airplane to a new destination, know that her passport is already in hand.Jasmine has a BS in Sociology and Communications with a Film Production emphasis, a Gender Studies minor, and is certified in French from Boise State University. She creates content for social media in addition to leading a Women’s Network in her everyday career and is always on the lookout for the best woman-owned businesses to support. Amplifying voices, uplifting others, and collaborating on innovative projects is her most favorite part of her job.



Motto: Good thoughts. Good words. Good deeds.

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