Transitioning into a new season is a great opportunity to practice mindfulness and be intentional about how you want your days to look, the habits you want to instill, and things you want to accomplish. The onset of fall can mean a complete 180 from the slow, summer days you’ve been used to, which can often lead to anxiety and overwhelm. It’s so important to be mindful about this transition, and plan for the habits and routines necessary to set you up for success in the new season. Today we’re sharing a simple four-step process you can use to be more mindful about the transition to any season. Let’s dive in!


The first step in mindfully preparing yourself for a new season is to reflect on the season that is closing. Often we only take the opportunity to do this at the start of a new year, but the changing of seasons is a great time to reflect and set intentions before new routines begin. Before you get busy with the back-to-school drop-offs, classes, holiday preparation, or other routines that may come with the fall season, take some time to reflect on what you accomplished and your favorite moments from the summer. What trips did you take? What did you learn? How did you prioritize self-care? How well were you able to incorporate movement and mindfulness into your routine? Is there anything you would like to prioritize more in the next season? Take some time to meditate or think quietly about these topics.


Once you’ve taken some time to think or meditate on the season that is closing, pull out a journal and capture the thoughts that came up. This is a good time to explore anything that may be causing you anxiety or stress about the upcoming season so that you can come up with plans to address them. Here are a few journal prompts to try:

  • How will your fall routines look different from your summer ones? What will your typical day look like?
  • What autumn traditions are you most looking forward to? What are you least looking forward to?
  • How do you feel about the changing of seasons?
  • Are there things about the changing of seasons that are creating anxiety?
  • What is something you want to make time for this season?
  • What habits and routines did you practice in the summer do you want to carry over into the fall season?


Now that you’ve given yourself ample time to reflect and journal, you should have a better grasp on how you’re truly feeling about the changing of seasons and where you need to be intentional in setting yourself up for success. Maybe you are excited about the season because you love fall and the beautiful weather that comes with it, but you’re anxious about having enough time to continue fitting in your movement in the morning when you know you’ll be getting your kids ready for school in the mornings. Rather than letting that cause you anxiety, can you plan for success now by being realistic about what your new routine is going to look like? Maybe you need to plan on waking up an hour earlier so you still have time for your morning routine before the house wakes up, or maybe you could plan afternoon or evening workout classes if they fit better into your fall routine. The key is to start setting yourself up for success now by being realistic about what your days are going to look like. They might change, and your daily habits might have to adapt with them, and that’s okay. It’s okay for each season to look a little different.


Now that you’ve begun planning for success with your new fall routines, it’s time to make sure you have room for joy in this transition. What are the things about the fall season that bring you joy? Maybe it’s outdoor walks in the crisp air, or sipping on a warm chai latte, or decorating your home for the season. Make sure you have room in your routines to enjoy these things, and let yourself get excited about them. One of the best parts of changing seasons is embracing the new joys that come with that season that you only get to enjoy during a short time of the year. Let yourself embrace these and fully enjoy the season you’re in. Make a list of things that bring you joy that you want to make time for this fall, and challenge yourself to doing one thing off the list each week.